Mouksa Guest Apearances


Octopus Lounge – July 19 – Palo Alta, California




Powell St. John (Janis Joplin and the 13th Floor elevators), Mouksa, Bob Fagan and Billy Miller (Rocky Erickson and the Aliens)




Mouksa playing with the T.Rogers Blues Band – Fregat Club – November-Budapest, Hungary



Mouksa wrote lyrics for several songs on their 2007 WEAR YOUR SOUL and 2013 SIMPLE LIFE albums.




Attila Silye (Express band), Pásztory Zoltán (Illés band), Liliom Károly (actor and cabaret singer), Mouksa




Mouksa guest stars with Spyder’s Royal Scam Band  – August – Club Roma, Monroeville, Pittsburgh, USA



Mouksa wrote lyrics for Royal Scam’s 1984 NO REASON TO FIGHT A WAR single.





Mouksa and Carol King Speeding Time Album – May – Los Angeles, California




Mouksa’s first meeting with poet Ferenc Mózsi (pictured second from the left)  at his parents’ house – October – Monroeville, Pennsylvania

 (later in 1997 Mouksa wrote music for Mózsi’s poem Omen from his My POEMpire)