Hippie adventures



Mouksa at the 17th European Rainbow Gathering (with Total Solar Eclipse) near town of Bakonybel, Hungary




Mouksa at the Arizona Rainbow Gathering – July





Mouksa’s summer traveling around in his psychedelic van stopping at Northern California Greenfield Ranch Commune Gathering, Nevada Rainbow Gathering, Oregon Country Faire, Mount Shasta Gathering and tripping out in the Redwood with his wife Linda and friends – June to August





Mouksa and some band members at the Pennsylvania Rainbow Gathering where he met his wife to be Linda in July





Mouksa’s psychedelic car in which he lived off and on in  … parked outside of Greenwich Village West Commune – April – San Diego, California





Altamont Speedway Rock Festival of 1969


Mouksa in 2016 (with friend Tom) holding the billboard sign he took down at Altamont Speedway in 1980 on the 11th anniversary of the Altamont Rock Festival held December 6, 1969 in Northern California. Photos of the site were also taken that day in 1980.